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Friday, October 12, 2007

Philippine Golden Age Comic Strip Characters

Filipino Inkwell
TW Magazine 1951

The Filipino comic magazine is a post-w
ar product. Filipino vernacular magazine before the war regurlarly featured comic strips in their pages, but the idea of a magazine devoted entirely to comic strips did not get full impetus until after the liberation. Among the early comic-strips artist were the Amorsolo brothers, Fernando and Pablo, Ireneo Miranda and Jose Perreira. The oldest surviving strip hero is Kenkoy, creation of Tony Velasquez, born Jan 11 1929, first appeared in the vernacular magazine Liwayway. The script idea was furnished to Velasquez by Romualdo Ramos.

Rita, first appeared in Bulaklak, now in Ilang-Ilang Magazine. A post-liberation character, Rita indulges in too much balloon talk, from which it derives its humor. Mars Ravelo, its creator , hails from Baclaran and is a free lancer. He draws 'Verdugo ng mga Angel'.

Darna, a strip written and created by Mars Ravelo, is drawn by Nestor P Redondo, and appeared in Pilipino Komiks. Redondo, who hails from Candon, Ilocur Sur is the brother of comic illustrator Virgilio Redondo. He took architecture in M.I.T.

Henry, cartoon by Liborio 'Gat' Gatbonton, is not exactly a comic strip, but a character, which appears daily in the Manila Chronicle.

Kalabog en Bosyo started with the first issue of Pilipino Komiks. Its is supposed to be a local version of 'Crime Buster' and its regular four-page space is a complete story in itself. Larry Alcala, its creator, is a former Ramon Roces Scholar, is a U.P. Graduate

Sianong Sano, Lucas Malakas, Popoy and Sekret Edyent are creations of J. Zabala Santos. Popoy and Sekret Edyent 7-11 last appeared in Hiwaga and Pilipino Komiks Magazines.

Satur, appeared in Pilipino Komiks, is a creation of Francisco V. Coching, considered top Filipino Comic Strip Artist. Satur is supposed to be the devil disguised as a handsome, nice young man and has been adapted for the screen by LVN.

Prinsipe Amante is a comic strip based on a radio serial sponsored by Star Margarine. The radio character was created by Clodualdo del Mundo an appears daily on the air. Its appears in Aksiyon Komiks and is drawn by Alfredo Alcala, a native of Talisay, Negros Occidental.

Kenkoy, oldest surviving comic strip charcter, started in 1928 and has been doing very well under the fine hand of Tony Velasquez, its creator. When asked for a sample of his famous character-hero, Tony quipped; Mr and Mrs Kenkoy (equals Junior).

Kosme The Cop (Retired), is a daily feature of the Manila Chronicle and is the only Filipino daily strip character. It started as a two column feature of This Week Magazine. Malang, its creator, is really Mauro Malang Santos. He got into print while in 3rd Year High School.

Ang Reporter, is written by Angel Santos and illustrated by Tony DeZuniga. Angel Santos is Editor of Hiwaga and Klasiks, both of Ace Publication. DeZuniga, before landing in comic-strip drawing was a designer of a local plastic company. He is from Tondo.

Mister Kabag, which appear in Bulaklak, is a humorous charcter and is a creation of Filemon 'Slim' Torres. A native of Mandaluyong, Torres studied in the UP School of Fine Arts befor the war, has been connected with Philippine Promotions since liberation.

Babaing Mangdirigma is the youngest of three sisters appearing under the comic strip of the same name. This character is reminiscent of the famous figure, Joan of Arc, and is appearing presently in Pilipino Komiks. Illustrator is Fred Carillo.

Ang Multo sa Bahay Pari, a strip appearing in Bituin Komiks. Victor 'Al' Coronado (Real Name: Fred Gonzales), author and illustrator, is a graduate of UP, and editor of Bulaklak Magazine year 1951.

Celia, the chief character in Ang Manyika ng Sta. Monica, appears in Bulaklak, The script is written by Epitacio Reyes Tan, former editor of Hiwaga Komiks. It is drawn by Ben Nievera, staff member of Bulaklak Komiks Publication.

Asuwang, the chief character in Mahiwagang Sinulid is the main attraction of Bituin Komiks. Francisco Reyes, author and illustrator is a graduate of UP.

DI-13 is a detective character appearing in 8 pages in Pilipino komiks. The story is written by Dammy Velasquez, brrother Tony Velasquez, and is illustrated by Jesse Santos. Jesse considers his success as an artist all due to lady luck. He started as a portrait artist.

Hugo, hero of the comic strip 'Ang kamay ni Hugo' is a regular feature Aksiyon komiks and is the product of Mario Del Mar. who does writing, and Elpidio Torres, who does the drawing. Torres was formerly chief artist of Bulaklak Magazine.

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